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What’s Your Vision for a Better Future?

The world can seem like a dreary and dark place. This is kind of obvious in run-down city neighborhoods.

(But the “pristine suburbs” can also be gloomy places for residents who don’t see a future there…at least no good future.)

The remarkable thing is that the future comes from within us.

We see the possibilities and dream about making them come true.

  • But what do we do when we have many diverse people in the same neighborhood?
  • How do we weave together their various visions for the collective place they call home?

A communal art mural is one way to do it. Just ask the people in Brownsville, Brooklyn…

These young folks banded together under the auspices of a government agency and neighborhood groups to portray the world they want.

The way their lives should be.

It’s fantastic.

And you know what?

The best lesson is that the fantastic things we want for ourselves, and those places we called home, can be found from within us.

We just need a way to express them.

How do you express the fantastic things you dream about?