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“I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my great thanks to you for turning my Life Insurance situation from declined- twice, to insured at a very reasonable rate, within a very short period of time! Let me elaborate.

From the very first time I spoke with you on the phone all the way through just this week receiving word from you that I was covered and that all was said and done, I have felt as though I were your only customer. Seriously. Your attention to my situation has been that exemplary. And, if I had a question, (most of our correspondence was carried out through email) you answered it within a couple of hours and NEVER any more than twenty-four.

You spent the time, upfront, to pre-qualify me. You delved into my health situation, you asked pertinent questions, and, above all, you were extremely professional in your approach to sensitive subject matter. When we were finished you said that it was not as bad as I had thought- and that you could help me. After that, I felt as though, through you, I had taken control of my life insurance debacle. You weren’t kidding in the end either. My family is now protected.

Other agents? Please. NO help. I was shuffled through with little, or worse, BAD advice. In fact, the agent that originally helped me said that he would call back in a few months so that we could try again. Surprise! Never called. You, however, took the time at each and every step, to get back with me promptly so that I might feel informed. This was a very smooth process and very… non-stressful. You said that it was all do-able and you weren’t kidding!

Thanks again, Steve. Great professional and courteous service. GREAT price in the end as well. My family and I have peace of mind at a very affordable price. If I ever have a conversation about life insurance with ANYONE EVER- your name WILL be mentioned. As a matter of fact, it already has happened! Needless to say you have and will be highly recommended.

In closing, rare is it, in my experience, to HAVE a great experience purchasing anything. You, Steve, have fixed a problem for me that I was beginning to think was unfix-able. Thank you very much. Your services have been GREATLY appreciated.”