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What’s YOUR Punchline?

You don’t need the perfect setup to deliver a great punchline.

You also don’t need the perfect setup to make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Comedian Michael Jr. talks about the breakthrough in his career as the moment he stopped trying to get laughs but rather to give others the opportunity to laugh.

Watch him describe the difference he made in the life of one little hero:

Michaels noble punchline:

To make laughter commonplace in uncommon places.

How does he deliver it?

I’m not looking to take – I’m looking for an opportunity to give.

Michael’s approach applies to every sector of life.

A Win-Win Deal

If those of us in business applied it, we would be virtually guaranteed a win-win deal in every transaction.

This is especially true in the arena of life insurance sales.

We brokers are not here to sell you anything. We are here to give you an opportunity to take care your family, your business, your heirs, and your favorite charities.

That is my punchline as a professional. What is yours?