A Pandemic Response As If America Mattered

June 10, 2020
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Here are my thoughts on how the COVID pandemic should have been handled.

The key is putting to use our great American cultural and political institutions, including:

Our Judeo-Christian heritage

Common sense

Capitalism and free enterprise


Government accountability

The Constitution and the rule of law

Individual liberty

National security

1. Accept the fact that with any virus or flu, people will get sick and die. Locking down society to “save just one life” is destructive, and will cause more harm than the disease. Traditional religious teachings provide vital perspective on this life and death issue.

2. Quarantine the vulnerable (typically the sick and elderly) to minimize the casualties. Let the rest go about their lives and develop herd immunity. Keeping healthy people home-bound is contrary to time-tested medical practice - and common sense. 

3. Under no circumstances segregate people by “essential service.” All income earners are essential. The idea of “essential services” is based on communism.

4. Control travel from countries that do not have adequate controls in place. Globalism stops when a pandemic starts. National borders must be secure.

5. If the health care system in one state starts to get over-run, network with other states to help out. Use federal resources only as a back-up. This is federalism at its best.

6. Impose stiff penalties for government officials and private operators who fudge the numbers to get assistance. There should be zero tolerance for corruption.

7. Ensure that all emergency measures taken by government agencies, at all levels, are legal. Government officials are bound by the Constitution.

8. Promote free enterprise and community volunteerism to meet emerging needs. 

9. Observe common-sense hygiene practices. If some people are very concerned about getting sick, they should be the ones to take extra measures such as wearing masks, social distancing, working from home, etc.