Beating COVID-19: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020
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“HOW IT WORKS: These 18 Garden State Plaza Stores Offering Curbside Pickup”

From Daily Voice:

*More than a dozen stores at Westfield's Garden State Plaza in Paramus will begin offering curbside pickup as nonessential businesses in New Jersey begin their reopening. Beginning this Thursday, May 21, shopperscan place orders onlineor call select retailers (scroll down for complete list) to place an order. Retailers will assign shoppers numbered parking places within pickup zones (see map above).


"COVID-19: What Should Employers Consider As They Draft A Return To Work Policy?"

From Forbes:

* With the White House unveiling its guidelines for opening up America again, responsibility has been placed on states and local officials to assess their preparedness to stay ahead of the spread of COVID-19, and when ready, reopen their economies. In anticipation of resuming operations in the new normal, the White House has also charged employers to “develop and implement appropriate policies” to keep workers and patrons safe from contagion. In doing so, employers should weigh their legal obligations with emerging guidance from health authorities when building their COVID-19 return to work policy.


"5 Questions About Annuity Issuers' New Friend'

From Think Advisor:

* The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is starting to try to keep the U.S. corporate bond market moving, by buying high-grade corporate bonds that are already on the market when no one else will buy the bonds. 

* Life Insurers care deeply about the health of the secondary corporate bond market, because they have about $2.8 trillion of their $4.2 trillion in assets invested in corporate bonds.


"Call for island to open up to foreign capital"

From Royal Gazette:

* Bermuda will have to work harder to attract international business as competition with rival jurisdictions heats up during the Covid-19 crisis — and the time to adjust policies is now. So say leading business-people, who believe struggling businesses will need freer access to overseas capital, while job-creating entrepreneurs will need to feel that they have a clear pathway to permanent residency or citizenship.


"Adding to Dr. Fauci's diagnosis: The critical case for ending our shutdown"

From The Hill:

* The total lockdown may have been justified at the start of this pandemic, but it must now end — smartly, without irrational, unnecessary requirements contrary to medical science, common sense and logic. The goal of the strict isolation was accomplished in the overwhelming majority of places. We have direct data on risk and extensive experience, individually and as a nation, with managing it, even as new cases arise. We know that gradually relaxing total isolation will lead to more infections, but that’s acceptable, given that we know whom to protect and this disease is not harmful to the vast majority of infected people.


Here's a short video from Steve on how you can purchase insurance in these changing times....Watch Here