Beating COVID-19: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - May 23, 2020

May 23, 2020
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Today's Key Question:

Does your definition of the “new normal” include more or less government control over our lives?


"How to Do Market Business Research for a Business Idea"

From Business Magazine:

* Even many popular brands conduct market research every year to improve their performance like Coco-Cola, Gillett, Apple, and Nestle, etc. There are many financial and business sites writing business topics. Subscription to such sites or exploring their finding of the specific companies would surely add a plus in your existing research. You might have planned to conduct market research but didn’t know the few necessary steps included in it? Then, let’s look at how you should conduct market research for a business idea:


"COVID-19 Puts Gaps in Life and Annuity Shelves"

From Think Advisor:

* Chief executive officers and chief financial officers from big, publicly traded life insurers have told securities analysts, during public conference calls, that their companies are reducing crediting rates, increasing prices for new life insurance policies, taking advantage of policy- provisions that let them increase prices for in-force policies, and favoring the sale of products that limit their exposure to market risk, such as variable life insurance policies, and “buffer annuities,” or annuities designed in such a way that the insurer protects the holder against only a portion of account value investment losses.


“Is A Blurred Work-Life Balance The New Normal?”

From Forbes:

* The research set out to explore the various benefits of flexible work, and underlined the belief, nay hope, that the current coronavirus-induced surge in home working will encourage a more honest and candid discussion between managers and employees about their work-life balance, and how the two can work well together to enable the employee to do their best work.


"A day in the life of a Deutsche Bank managing director who used to travel 10 days a month for work and is now hunkering down in New York's Catskill Mountains during the pandemic"

From Business Insider:

* "I've spent the last 25 years traveling every few weeks around the world meeting clients and looking after our projects," Constable told Business Insider. "I was away for five weeks before the lockdown, in Costa Rica, Miami, Madrid, Paris and Abidjan, and immediately wondered how I would cope being stuck in one place. But I've surprised myself how I've adapted, I haven't missed the traveling because no one else is, and I feel I'm calmer now."


"A simple conservative goal: Return to normal government"

From Washington Examiner:

* A return to normalcy is not just about whether you can dine out again. It is about whether government will use this crisis to grow government regulation, control, and spending to unprecedented heights. This will be conservatism’s most important test of our lifetimes


Here's a short video from Steve on how you can purchase insurance in these changing times....Watch Here