How policy audits prevent life insurance cost increases.

August 08, 2018
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Most people buy a life insurance policy and stick it in the drawer.  Time goes by, and then – surprise! The price goes up. If it's a term policy, the policy renews at an exorbitant rate. If it's universal life, policy costs increase. Even with whole life, an improper dividend selection can result in unexpected payments.

We have insurance consultants who will audit your policy and prevent cost overruns.

  • Your current policy will be evaluated for potential shortfalls, cost increases, and liabilities.
  • Alternatives in the marketplace will be identified.
  • An apples-to-apples comparison will be conducted to determine which option best helps you manage your cost of insurance.
  • If needed, a new application will be submitted on your behalf, with the entire underwriting process managed for you.