Moving Past the COVID Chaos: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - August 14, 2020

August 14, 2020
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Today's Key Question:

Have you ever wondered what business veterans think of current trends in the marketplace?

See the article below from Broker World for the assessment of a 96-year old life insurance superstar.


"To fight pandemic burnout, this company is trying four-day workweeks"

From CNN Business:

* The software and data engineering company is testing out a compressed four-day workweek starting this week. Employees will have 10-hour days, Monday through Thursday. 

"Fridays we are off and we are trying to encourage pencils down, no emails or Slack. We want to really hold the time open," said President and FounderArt Shectman.


"How 7 Business Leaders Are Redefining Collaboration During COVID-19"

From Forbes:

* The nearly universal shift to remote work that occurred at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to adapt their collaborative processes or perish. In the months since, business leaders have struggle to not only sustain productivity, but also to preserve company cultures while leading dispersed teams through heightened uncertainty.

Now, as some employees head back to the office while others remain at home, collaborative processes must continue to adapt. I recently connected with seven executives and entrepreneurs to talk about how collaboration has evolved within their companies over the past several months and how they’re preparing for the future of work.


"4 Major Pandemic Challenges Facing Leaders and How to Solve Them"

From Inc.:

* It's hard to be a leader in the best of times, and the Covid-19 pandemic crisis has created an entirely new set of challenges. In the Q2 2020 Vistage CEO Confidence Index survey, a survey conducted by my own company, we asked our community of small- and midsize-business leaders what their most significant leadership challenges are today.

In my company's analysis of their nearly 900 open-ended responses, we found four common challenges, along with approaches to overcoming them and continuing the journey toward recovery.


"A Sobering Financial Thought: Who’s Paying for COVID-19?"

From Broker World:

* Can you stay with me for a moment and let’s ask the question: Why are there so many people, especially younger ones, willing to follow someone promoting socialism as a way of life in America? Do we believe they are promoting what has been in this article up to this point? Can it be that this story has never been told to them or taught in our educational system? Something is not right here. Why, when America has gotten to be the greatest nation of the world, would you promote taking it down? Could it be that charity is the only motive they have for existence? If so, who is going to furnish the assets? Not them! Now, this brings us to yours truly.

Let’s ask the question: Isn’t it the rich who own huge chunks of the market? They keep their assets working. Are they not the group that the politicians are always trying to tax into oblivion? Aren’t they under a constant threat? Probably, if we knew what percent of the market they own, we might be in for a surprise. My point is that this group of forgotten people, who have made such a profound contribution to help America become great, are among the ones who have paid a great price for this financial crisis and they will continue to take the risk to keep America Beautiful.

Here's a short video from Steve on how you can purchase insurance in these changing times....Watch Here