Moving Past the COVID Chaos: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - August 20, 2020

August 20, 2020
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Today's Key Question:

Did you know that top insurance firms are stressing personal service to clients more than ever before?

See the interview below of Aviva Sapers by Jay Judas. 


"Private Equity Firms In The Wealth Management Space Face A Stay-Or-Go Decision"

From Forbes:

* A high-performance car with a novice driver is unlikely to win many races. It's a similar story in business. The obvious question facing every private equity owner with exposure to wealth management is whether the portfolio company's managers — from the CEO down — consist of enough experienced and decisive operators to keep the firm moving in the right direction.


"Why Stimulus Spending Fails"

From Reason:

* There are always economists, journalists, and pundits willing to assume that this time will be different and government spending will deliver on the promises made on its behalf by pro-spending advocates. Unfortunately, this is wishful thinking. It is also a dangerous game to play. If spending doesn't deliver on the promised economic growth, what it will undoubtedly achieve is more debt. That, sadly, is a scenario where future growth goes up in a puff of smoke.


"Remote-only public schools make it clear they want your kids because they want your money"

From Washington Examiner:

* The public school superintendent in Falls Church City, a small, wealthy municipality just outside of D.C., wrote a similar note warning against “Pandemic Flight.”

"FCCPS has seen a rise in families deciding to leave the system until we are either back in person or there is a vaccine to fight the virus.” The superintendent, Peter Noonan, warned parents that “disenrolling from FCCPS [will] have consequences. FCCPS receives funding from the local Government, the State Government, and the Federal Government based on the numbers of students we have enrolled. If there is an exodus of students from FCCPS, the funding of our schools will decrease.”

Notice what’s missing in this letter? Any suggestion that your children will learn just fine through the public schools’ online learning system.


"Tier One Interview: Aviva Sapers"

From Jay Judas - Tier One:

* Jay:  For a six-month period ending earlier this year, you and I kept meeting up at Boston Logan Airport to fly to the same events and we actually ended up sitting next to one another a couple of times.  We talked and traded stories for hours and there was one subject we discussed which sets you apart and, arguably, above most life insurance producers—client service.  Other producers would have solely discussed their latest cases or how the newest insurance products are designed.  Sapers & Wallack has nearly a century of clients to care for and you are uniquely positioned to share what a high-level of service means to the success or failure of a large life insurance firm.  Can you shed some light on the resources and commitment you have dedicated to client service and the ways this has benefited the firm?

Aviva: A huge portion of our corporate overhead is dedicated to client service.  We only hire smart people and expect everyone to continually learn in our business.  It is difficult to service our clients well if we only have order takers.  We deal in complex financial vehicles with demanding clients.  The clients don’t always know the questions to ask, so it is important for us to speak in easy to understand terms, and make sure they are asking the right questions so we can get the appropriate answers.  We have trained our staff to say “I don’t know but will see what I can find out” when they aren’t sure about something.  We have also trained our staff to keep people informed of progress we are making in trying to help solve their needs.  


Here's a short video from Steve on how you can purchase insurance in these changing times....Watch Here