Moving Past the COVID & Election Chaos - September 7, 2020

September 07, 2020
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Today's Key Question:

Do you know someone with Psoriasis? They should know that it is possible to get extremely attractive rates for life insurance. 

See the article below from Broker World.



'The Swiss Army knife of bikes:' How cargo bikes went from novelty to practicality

From CNN Business:

* "That's the coolest thing I've ever seen," Aaron Powell recalled thinking. He was vacationing in Denmark in 2016 when he saw a parent on a bicycle, and knew what his next business would be.

He was looking at a cargo bike for the very first time. The extra-long bikes are customized for carrying everything from kids to groceries and deliveries. They're increasingly common in cities, where they essentially serve as urban minivans, helping families run errands. Riders can haul things that one would never think of carrying on a traditional bike, like surfboards and Christmas trees. Most are powered with the help of an electric motor.

Powell returned home to Denton, Texas, and a year later launched Bunch Bikes. Powell's 2020 sales have already more than doubled from 2019. He's struggling to meet demand.



"How Price and Package Adjustments Can Increase Consumer Spending"

From American Express:

* The early days of the pandemic seemed to signal disaster for nearly a decade of increasing consumerism – the uncertainty of the outbreak’s extent paired with a  steep drop in retail sales invoked concerns and questions about the institutions that had been built during the brick-and-mortar era. But in June, about a month after phased reopenings in states that had initially embraced rigid lockdowns, retail sales rebounded nearly 7.5% -- an encouraging sign that buying behavior hadn’t ceased, but had changed.

Once again, uncertainty has set in. To adapt, businesses need to understand the key changes to consumer behavior and how to create irresistible packages by adjusting prices and delivery methods. Creating a virtual revenue stream is not a new concept, but with another round of COVID cases looking to further disrupt the retail recovery, business owners need to embrace the commitment to understanding the new consumer – and quickly pivot to meet them where they are – with products appropriately priced to keep them spending.



"City's controversial land-use tool shuts down rental of vacation home"

From World Net Daily:

* A new ordinance requires that no more than 2% of the residential properties in the city be vacation rentals, and no two can be within 400 feet of the next one.

IJ said virtually every state requires that cities compensate property owners if the municipality takes property or reduces its value.

The case focuses on the Schroeders' loss of the right to rent as well as the lottery system the city uses.

"Property rights cannot be simply raffled off for the benefit of one small class of people at the expense of everyone else," said IJ constitutional fellow Adam Griffin. "By establishing a two-percent cap and squeezing out all other property owners via a lottery, that is precisely what the city of Wilmington has done here. That violates the North Carolina Constitution."

The case is in New Hanover Court of Justice, Superior Division.



"Beyond Psoriasis"

From Broker World:

* Additionally, older patients who take the medications have a high prevalence of polypharmacy effects, with medications being used for different conditions interacting with the ones given for psoriasis. The medications are directly advertised via television and journal advertisements directly to the consumers, and many now ask their doctors for the drugs at the first sign of a persistent skin condition. While they have a good degree of effectiveness, the side effects of even the newer medications must be watched for closely.

Most cases of psoriasis are not ratable. When psoriatic arthritis and other systemic conditions coexist, the disease is underwritten for the underlying condition. Those under treatment with biologics must be followed regularly for potential side effects from their medication.


Here's a short video from Steve on how you can purchase insurance in these changing times....Watch Here