"Spiritual Business Practices" Table of Contents

How to Not Play God With Your Kids

In this series so far, we have discussed the importance of not playing God in business situations – with your clients, with your employees, and in your profession. But this tendency to play God isn’t limited to the career world; it’s just as rampant on a personal level. To start off this deep dive into what it looks like to play God in your personal life, let’s focus on your relationship with... READ MORE

How Not to Play God In Your Profession

When you are in a position of authority and hold significant amounts of knowledge and experience, it’s not a big step to start taking advantage of your power and playing God. In previous articles in this series, we discussed the importance of not playing God with your clients and your employees. In both cases, you can avoid this temptation and tendency by knowing how to deal with others so that a win-win relationship can be... READ MORE

How Not to Play God With Your Employees

In our last article, we talked about not pretending that you own your clients. You do this by treating them as the freethinking individuals that they are and not taking them for granted. This ensures that they do business with you voluntarily out of their perceived self-interest and keeps your relationship in a win-win mode.

When you are a business owner or manager, it’s easy to focus on the end product or the work being produced instead of the person doing the work. It’s tempting to treat people as your pawns since they are working for you and doing what you are asking of them. But is this the right way to go? Does playing God with your employees really help anyone in... READ MORE

How to Not Play God With Your Clients

We live in a culture marked by striving and entitlement. Sometimes those qualities are positive as they help us reach our goals and achieve great things. But getting what you want in business - and life in general - should be as much about the process as it is the goal. In a prior post, we talked about the idea of ownership from the “cosmic” point of view, that everything we use to get what we want in life, from other people to natural resources, are not ours to keep or claim. Because they are... READ MORE