"The Conscious Consumer" Table of Contents

Why You Must Change Your Life Insurance Beneficiary When Getting Divorced

As a life insurance broker, I pay special attention when experts offer advice on how to avoid troubles with your policy. Michelle points to a big one regarding the need to change the beneficiary designation when the divorce is finalized:

According to estate planning attorney C. Randolph Coleman of The Coleman Law Firm, "There usually are... READ MORE

The Basics of Premium Financing

Premium financing is basically just borrowing money to pay life insurance premiums. High-net-worth individuals and companies use this strategy to obtain large amounts of life insurance with a minimal upfront expense. It is a means to... READ MORE

Financial Independence VS. Independent Wealth

Let’s talk about what independence means from a financial point of view. There are two common ideas related to independence and money: financial independence, and independent wealth. What is the difference between them?... READ MORE

What are the Habits of Wealthy People?

What sets the wealthy apart? What helps them rise above the rest and stay successful? The answer may surprise you. The key is not working eighty-hour weeks or hiring a bigger staff. It’s simple, really. Wealthy people say thank you... READ MORE

5 Reasons Why You Should Disclose Your Prior Drug Use on Your Life Insurance Application

Life insurance is probably the most comprehensively underwritten financial product in the marketplace. Everything from current health, to family medical history, to criminal record, is covered - with various lifestyle and health factors in between.

Many people are not comfortable disclosing personal information in these areas. Maybe they had a tough time battling... READ MORE

3 Tips For Securing Life Insurance for a Divorce Settlement

We’re all aware of the scary statistic that 40 to 50% of married couples in the United States divorce. Yet, many people don’t also realize that divorce reduces a man’s standard of living by 10% and a woman’s by almost 30%.

For these reasons, among others, it’s essential for couples to understand how... READ MORE

Champions See Life Insurance as an Eternal Gift

This is how mental toughness expert Steve Siebold describes the role perception plays in how we view the world:

Champions use their critical thinking skills to make a clear distinction between truth and fact. Fact is reality. Truth is our perception of... READ MORE

Champions Cross Big Emotional Hurdles When Purchasing Their Life Insurance

What is it that keeps champion performers going when the going gets tough? Mental toughness expert Steve Siebold teaches that the key is emotional motivators.

World class leaders know the secret to motivating themselves and others is discovering what they will fight for when the going gets tough. The great ones move from logic-based motivators to emotion-based motivators. They know the key to finding the true power of the individual... READ MORE

Champions Buy Life Insurance to Keep Their Dreams Alive

Mental toughness expert Steve Siebold describes how champion performers are literally living their dream 24/7:

World-class performers invest an inordinate amount of time and energy in selecting their major goals… When the goals are set, champions put mental blinders on and move forward with dogged persistence and ferocious tenacity. World-class performers create... READ MORE

The World Class Knows Life Insurance Solves Big Problems

Mental toughness expert Steve Siebold has this to say about money: either you control it, or it controls you. What makes the difference? The way you think about it.

Even in the wealthiest nation in the world (the USA), 99% of the population is being controlled by money. The effect is lack of money. The cause is... READ MORE