Moving Past the COVID Chaos: Tips for Your Insurance, Finances, and Business - September 1, 2020

September 01, 2020
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Today's Key Question:

Have you kept up with the latest insurance regulatory changes in your state? 

See the article below from JD Supra.


"The five best systems-building tools"

From e-Myth:

* To build a business that functions well, you need intentionally designed systems. It’s as simple as that, but can feel like the most complex work you’ll ever have to do as a business owner. The truth is that it’s not as hard as you may think. The first step to building a system with intention is to start documenting it—and this can be as simple as having your accountant write down how they process invoices. Getting critical information out of the head of a single employee (or out of your own!) not only eliminates dependence on individuals: It sets the foundation to transform how your business runs today into how you want it to run in the future.


"Congressman introduces bill blocking rioters from receiving COVID unemployment checks"

From World Net Daily:

* “Due to enhanced federal benefits, taxpayers are giving wages to jobless rioters that are destroying our communities. We need to cut them off from their funding and make them feel the full financial consequences of their actions," he said.


"Is Your Child Turning Age 18 – How Can You Still Be There to Help?"

From National Law Review:

* Your child’s transition to adulthood is an important time in life. If your child has reached age 18, particularly an adult child travelling to attend school or work, important changes have occurred. At age 18, your child is an adult under New Jersey law, even if he or she is still living at home. Your adult child now controls his or her own medical and financial decisions, and a parent’s access to information is restricted. Several documents are available to address these changes and appoint agents to assist your child during this stage of life.


"COVID-19 Daily Insurance Regulatory Updates To Keep You Informed During The Lockdown (August 2020 #7)"

From JD Supra:

* In conjunction with the Locke Lord COVID-19 task force, we are reviewing, analyzing, and compiling regulatory updates to provide clients easy access to information during this unprecedented time. If you have any questions on the subject matter below, do not hesitate to reach out. The information below relates to state and federal bulletins, emergency orders, pending/enacted legislation, and other related actions taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Here's a short video from Steve on how you can purchase insurance in these changing times....Watch Here